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MonaVie Acai Fruit Juice is so much more than a great tasting drink. From the 4 corners of the world, the most nutritious fruits were selected to create the ideal health enriching blend. Order Now and Save!
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100% All Natural Health Drink

The powerful Acai Berry is an exotic Amazon treasure, loaded with anti-oxidants, that makes Monavie Acai Fruit Juice so beneficial. The Acai Berry is high in anthocyanins, a natural anti-inflammatory.

Adding Glucosamine gives your joints added flexibility and cartilege greater strength. Fad diets of the moment make people forget how vital fruits are to their diets.

Monavie Acai Fruit Juice captures the highest potency of nutrients in one drink, for the best health benefits nature has to offer.Get Monavie at the absolute lowest price online. Drink to your health with Monavie, the crown jewel of the Amazon. Buy Now!


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